Six Step Quality Assurance for Product

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At the moment Quality is very very important to compete in global market we are must be concern to our quality, and how to control of quality...?

Quality Control Management needed in every company and organization and many methods are used to maintain consistent quality remains good and one of them is

1. Control Supplier

supplier is very important in controlling the quality of the products that we produce so the supplier is very important to control with evaluation periodically and Audit.

2. Incoming Control

The main doors maintain the quality of production is to maintain the quality of the goods delivered by the supplier, any admission standard set of raw materials as desired.

3. Control Of Production

Production control by applying the appropriate standard.

4. Quality control in line

do quality check every few times while production is in progress

5. Final inspection

at the final stage of production ensure the quality of products produced in accordance with established standards

6. Control of Complain

Each customer complaints should be resolved quickly, always do a survey to find out the level of customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction with the products we produce,
all of the above can be managed through  Quality Plan

This is my experience to maintain the product quality is always consistent, may be useful

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