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THE ISO 9001: 2000 STANDARD:

One of the elements in the ISO 9001: 2008 standard is Management Review. In my travels, I find that many companies do too much or not enough for this requirement. This month, I will provide you with a sample procedure and a management review template that may help you to have an effective management review process.

Sample Procedure for Management Review:

Quality are Us
Operating Procedure

Title:   Management Review

No. 1.1         Rev. A

Approved by:                          Date:            


This procedure appplies to executive management review of the Quality are Us quality system.


At a minimum, management review meetings are held quarterly.

The management review meeting is called by the Quality are Us management representative (President) Meeting attendees are notified when the management representative hands out a meeting agenda.

At a minimum, meeting attendees are:

  •   President (Management Representative)
  •   Vice President - Operations
  •   Vice President - Sales
  •   Q.A. Coordinator
  •   Warehouse Superintendent

In the event that a required attendee cannot be present during the meeting, a designee will be appointed to attend. The Q.A. Coordinator prepares quality-related information for the meeting for review.

2.0        MEETING HELD

The management review meeting chaired by the President.

At a minimum, the following are reviewed during management review:

  •   Continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the quality system including the quality policy
  •   Audit results (internal, customer and 3rd party)
  •   Customer feedback
  •   Process performance
  •   Product conformity
  •   Status of corrective and preventive actions
  •   Any changes that could affect the quality management system
  •   Recommendations for improvement
  •   Progress towards quality objectives
  •   Follow-up of actions assigned during previous management reviews


At a minimum, the following shall be documented as outputs from management review:

  •   Any action items assigned
  •   Any resource needs
  •   Improvement of product and/or services
  •   Improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system and its processes

Action items are documented in the meeting minutes and assigned to appropriate personnel by the President.

Any corrective or preventive actions initiated during management review meetings are conducted in accordance with Quality are Us procedures.


The minutes of the management review meeting are distributed by the Q.A. Coordinator or a designee. A copy of the records are filed by the Q.A. Coordinator along with any other appropriate information as part of the quality records.


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