Tips and Trick for auditees to sucsess audit.

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In my experience i will share Tips and Trick for auditees to sucsess audit.

1. Terms and definitions

The auditor is a person who is qualified to conduct Quality Audits.
Responsibilities Auditors are Planning, Preparing and Conducting the Audit in accordance with the standards, Gather objective evidence discrepancy, discrepancy report, observations Recommending to Agency Accreditation
Auditee is the person responsible for answering any questions from the Auditors.

2. The steps are performed.

1.Understand the audit process
Understanding the audit process is very important for us to face an audit from the internal or external, auditors in the audit process typically using the 3D method (Describe, Documentation, and Demonstrate).
1. Describe means to explain the process that is in accordance with the actual
2. Documentation means to check the completeness of an existing document.
3. Demonstrate means to demonstrate how you do the job.
2. Prepare your self
It should be prepared before the audit process is that you must understand the work processes that exist at your house, such as work procedures, working documents, tasks and authorities of you, your company's quality policy, vision and mission, and think about some questions that you think is important and must be asked by auditors.

3.Interview Technique

All you need to do to deal with auditors is greeted with a friendly and do not overdo it, remaining calm in answering any questions, try to understand the question before answering, answer briefly using the existing procedures and do not answer if it is not a question of the auditor. You should avoid during an interview with the auditor is not to complain about your job to the auditor, do not blame departemet part or another, do not let auditors examine all of your quality records are required to be provided.

Tips and tricks are enough for a guide you to face an audit and you sure can. Good luck and Greetings quality.

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